Overview: My Little Lingos is a Spanish language immersion day camp for kids between the ages of 3-6. Certified, experienced, native Spanish language teachers lead fun activities, entirely in Spanish.

Environment: My Little Lingos uses games, music, movement, crafts, and instruments to create a stimulating environment for kids. Learning a second language while still perfecting the first makes it a great deal easier to absorb new languages later in life. Many studies have shown children are capable of learning multiple languages simultaneously. My Little Lingos creates an ideal environment for learning.

Theme Structure: Each My Little Lingos one-week session is built around a theme. Past themes have included: El Camping (Camping), La Playa (the Beach), Cuentos de Hada (Fairy Tales), and ¡Pequeños Artistas! (Little Artists). Using familiar themes and ideas enhances the learning process.

Schedule & Fees: My Little Lingos Camp runs 5 days a week from 9:30 to noon. Cost is $145. Or campers may choose a 3-day week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for $95. For program details visit the Current Season webpage. Since 2012 we've offered more camp hours for an extra fee. Call Vanessa at 617-921-7911 to enquire.

Rules & Policies: Tuition is not refundable. No exceptions. We reserve the right to dismiss a child from camp should his/her behavior become disruptive. Should a child be dismissed due to behavior problems, tuition will not be refunded.

My Little Lingos Location: My Little Lingos Spanish Camps are held at:
The Marblehead Children's Center
21 Tioga Way, Marblehead MA

We make learning Spanish fun!

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